*wild meadows and fruit trees

If you have seen the little movie I made on my name day,
you surely remember that place on the last picture.
I love wild meadows with fruit trees. It's rarer here than where I grew up.
I always keep my eyes open for places like that on my walks.

A friend of mine started this new lovely blog called "Holistic Imperfection"
where she will share thoughts about life and all it's possibilities and limitations,
combined with news of her illustration work. Feel free to go and check it out!



In quietness are all things answered.



*snail universe part 2

Some more snail pictures from the garden.


*snail universe

We had more snails than usual in our garden this year,
so I had lots of opportunities to observe them.
Their world is like a whole other universe.
The Roman snail can live up to thirty years! 
But in the wild they usually don't reach that age.



I'm playing with macro film photography lately
and am quite enthusiastic about the results.
So much to explore!



Life is full of contrasts.
Here I hold the late flower of a thistle.
I can't imagine anything
that feels softer!



Resting in the light.


*simple matters

The gossamer-winged is one of my favorite butterflies.
Luckily I have lots of them in the garden.
Before I went on vacation, I cleaned out most of the greenhouse
to give my bitter melon and luffa plant more space. 
And it worked, my luffa developed well since then
and produced really nice fruits.
I am curious if I can extract a sponge from them again!
In one of a mixed flower seed package were seeds
of those bright yellow-red flowers.
I haven't seen them here before,
but I knew them from Sandras Blog,
they are growing wild in her surrounding.
You can see them here.


*summer solitude

Windy rooms,
swallow mail,
angel signs,
and summer solitude.


*name day

Collected summer moments in motion.



My favorite lake of all the lakes we visited so far.
It is surrounded by a truly magical forest
with lots of moss-grown rocks.
I can still feel the warmth from the summer sun they have stored.
When we went for a swim,
suddenly the sound of alpine horns broke off the silence.
This was an amazing moment that I will surely never forget.

We had a strong heat wave some time ago
and then temperatures cooled down a lot
and we had lot's of thunderstorms.
It suddenly felt like autumn.
Made it easier to work in the garden.
I was able to harvest lots of tomatoes and onions
and made some homemade ketchup with them.

How has your summer been so far?


*morning wind

{Music: Yann Tiersen - La Longue Route}

Today morning
I opened the window.
Wind came in
to comfort me.



Sometimes I have the feeling
that I have lived it all.
I'm ready to go home.


*wanderlust part 3

What you think you are
is a belief to be undone.