pop up shop

Etsy Mikromarkt has started!
If you are in Vienna the next weeks and looking for unique gifts, feel free to stop by!


snow & wool

It snowed for one day.
Never does crocheting a wool rug feel better than in winter -
it warms you while working on it.
Have a cozy evening!



I could not resist making a print of the elephant illustration I've originally made for those address labels + it is getting wintery in my home. A new crystal joined my collection last weekend: the green fluorite sphere. I'm in love!


the woods

All leaves are gone now, the season of naked trees has begun. Waiting for a white blanket.
Yesterday I spotted the first snow flakes, but they dissolved on the ground again.


pilea peperomioides

I never thought that one of my pileas will ever grow that big in only 2 years!
It is amazing and I feel very grateful! It produced so many offshoots, I was able to send so many of them away to so many different places and countries. I hope those who have one are still happy with it! Wishing you a cosy Sunday! It seems winter is finally arriving!


Joy to the world!

Some time ago I designed this Christmas wrapping paper for a German flow magazine contest, but it was not picked to be published, so I decided to use some illustrations of it to make a Christmas postcard set. Not only for Christmas though, I wish you all lots of joy in your life!


inspiration journal part 4

More pages of my inspiration journal.



... eating lots of apples with cinnamon,
working on Christmas cards,
enjoying the autumn sun.


evening walk

Some more fall impressions to ring in the weekend.


luffa story

Last year I got 3 luffa seeds from Studio Meez. I did not follow the instructions though and just sowed them in May like my other cucumbers into a tiny pot, placed them in my greenhouse and waited. One of them started to sprout, a second one later also, but it never really developed well, but the first one grew into a big plant. It got so many pretty yellow flowers, but plant lice destroyed them and they fell off again, as you can see on the third picture. It seemed the plant went through some crises, I just observed everything and did not really interfere much but secretly hoped that I will get at least one luffa cucumber, so I could safe seeds for the next year to try again. After some time, the plant lice disappeared as fast as they appeared and the first cucumber developed! You can imagine how happy I was! After I cleared out most plants from the greenhouse, the luffa got another burst of growth. It seems to be a plant that wants lots of space. To be able to get a luffa sponge, you have to wait for the cucumber to turn brown outside. Mine didn't reach this state though, so I decided to harvest them last week nonetheless. But luckily 2 of them were full-grown enough to contain a sponge! I peeled off the skin and the sponges appeared. Inside there were many black seeds. I shook them out and cleaned the sponges. They are really very pleasant to touch! I will insert a cord and hang them into the bath. I will definitely try to grow some more luffa next year.



I had so much fun making these labels!
I love simplicity!


forest walk

Eighth of November and 19 degrees! Weird but pleasant!
There is nothing better than taking some woodland strolls on such a wonderful Sunday!