Flow 12

Last week I found a copy of the German Flow magazine in my mailbox! I was really excited to see the little interview they made with me about my creative path.



Happy weekend!


❤ clouds

 ❤ clouds


DIY - pear collage notebooks

September is DaWanda's big DIY month.
I made a tutorial for this occasion.
Little handbound notebooks out of different recycled papers, decorated with pear collages.
HERE is the link to the full tutorial! (only in German though, but with pictures ;)


etsy pop-up shop

{all pictures made by Alexandra Steinbauer}

Some impressions of the etsy pop-up store I am participating right now. It is still open today and tomorrow, so if you are in Vienna, feel free to visit!
Barbara of the label kreativprodukte made a list of all participating shops HERE!
So if you are curious, have a look!


homemade ketchup

 My favorite way of preserving tomatoes is making ketchup :)

I have this simple recipe that I want to share with you:

You need:
 about 2  kilos tomatoes
8 medium size onions
1 tablespoon salt
5 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon pepper
2 teaspoons mustard
150 ml vinegar

Cut tomatoes and onions into pieces and cook them with all the other ingredients in a big pot.
When everything is soft-boiled, use a blender shaft to mash it up. 
Cook it further for about 15 minutes, if you want to have a more compact mass, cook it longer.

Then fill it in sterile jars (I use screw top jars), close them and put them upside down until they are cooled off.

It's really delicious in combination with roasted vegetables!


garden update

Autumn is here, you can smell it, you can see it in slowly change of colors.
It's been a while since I made my last garden update.
I started to clear out the withered cucumber plants of the greenhouse to give bitter melon and luffa plant more space, they are still productive. Even though weather was grey and cooler, tomatoes are still turning red, I preserved a lot this year. Because of the dry weather my squash plants were not doing so good, but finally they started to grow, so there is still hope for pumpkins!
If you like to see some more pictures, have a look at Lotte's and my garden album.


snail mail August

August was an incredible snail mail month!
When I came back from my vacation many pretty letters were waiting for me :)
I don't want to hide them from you, so here they are:
Lovely letter from Amalia from Greece!

Fiona's letter came in a quite bad condition, for some reason it was 53 days on the journey, but luckily nothing was broken or lost! Once again she spoiled me a lot!

I love that red bird envelope that Lily made! She also sent me 2 pretty cards from her trip to Lativa.

From Sylvie I got a really colorful surprise package. Everything was neatly wrapped and I was super happy to see that she sent me the bug tape with which she decorates her letters and that I like so much!

Another generous package from my friend Larissa which helped me to distract from being sick.

Julia sent me cuttings from her mint plant and a cute paper object in return for one of my pilea babies.

Another lovely letter from Joy. I love to use all the seeds I get from all over the world for my garden!

 I was very happy to receive this little wooden guy from dear Sandra. It is standing between my gemstone collection now :)

Katyha sent me a collection of bird stamps! How great is that! And look at the pretty roses stamps on the envelope!

Happy to show you the first letter I got from Polly from America. She mailed me after she found me through my stamp design in the last uppercase magazine. Excited to get to know her better!



Croatia part 6

On one of the last days we visited island Losinj and found this beautiful bay - it was lagoon-like and the conifers smelled so good in combination with the warm wind. Definitely a place to remember!


Croatia part 5

We visited Orlec with it's amazing beach Mali Bok. It was very different from all the other beaches we have seen on island Cres and Croatia generally. There were really high waves and huge griffon vultures were circling above us.