New Year

Hello 2015!
I hope you had a good time celebrating!
The last days we finally are having some snow. It's super nice and makes it even more cozy and bright inside. In the morning we had some nosy visitors in our garden :)

Did you make New Year's resolutions?

I made some:
• learning slowness
• doing one thing at a time
• letting go worries as fast as they pop up
• taking more time for eating
• living minimalism {I'm constantly working on that anyway, but it's always improvable}
• wasting less time on unimportant things
• feeling less bad about being who I am
• letting myself getting less involved in stupid games of unhappy people that obviously are not interested in changing something anyway
• thinking less :)

I'm grateful!
Looking forward to the coming year!
See you soon again!


emmel-prutsemieke said...

and a new logo! enjoy the things you do

Sandra Dunn said...

All winter loveliness and your 2015 desires are admirable! Brought peace to me just reading through them.

Wish you kindness, comforts and health in 2015!

Katyha said...

I try not to make resolutions, I think just the word makes it difficult to achieve - so I have goals I set for the year, its silly but it makes it more easier on me. Yours are lovely. I hope 2015 has started well for you and that you are enjoying the cool weather.


cococita said...

Yay for a white and snowy beginning: a peaceful, soft blanket, a white cancas, a tabula rasa to start from. Happy New Year, also for your dearest. May it be a good one! One of my resolutions is to un-plug: we'll see!

mme ulma said...

oh, wie gut, da brauch ich mir ja nicht einmal eine liste schreiben, die kann ich direkt ├╝bernehmen :)
ein richtig gutes neues dir!

Lily said...

Looks so beautiful out there!

We just had heavy rain in Istanbul....

evdokiatsiligiridou said...

happy 2015 claudia!
are those birds real?! :)