Dried flower

Happy Friday!


Flower patterns

... and some patterns.


Flowers and gemstone

Flower illustration + the promised pictures of my new amethyst.
Happy Wednesday!



Snow, early in the morning.
Meanwhile it is gone again :)


Evening walk impressions.


wool rug

Finished this big wool rug and could not resist to make a little photo session with it :)
We had some snow, but it disappeared very fast again. On Saturday we visited an amethyst deposit not very far away from where we live. It is the biggest in the world with this certain kind of gemstone. We could go down a tunnel to see the amethysts in natural environment. I got myself an amethyst for my room. Maybe I will show it to you soon!
Hope you are all good and wish you a good start into the new week!



Before Christmas I split my beetle collection illustration and made postcards from it.
Hope you like them ;)


Bags of love

Bags of Love asked me to do a little interview about my design and prize.


Lately on my table

Dragon fruits are always a highlight ;)
Unfortunately I don't get them very often here.
New magazine that I really like.
Couldn't resist buying these uncommon seeds: African horned cucumber + Litchi tomato.
Wishing you a good start into the new week!


Rose doily rug

First doily rug of the new year.

On Saturday it was unusual warm and the sky was full of iridescent clouds. They were moving fast, it looked like a huge oil film overhead. I've never seen something like that before.


penguin pattern


Penguin patterns for the newest spoonflower contest.
Happy Friday!




Winter sun and icy winds.
Shiny grasses and
little wooden huts at the edge of the woods.


Penguin time

It's penguin time!
My first illustrations in the new year after Christmas break.
Feels good and those fresh colors are exactly what I needed now.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Ps: Whenever I see penguins, I have to think of Eva. They are one of her favorite animals ;)