Autumn breakfast table with findings from yesterday's walk
and onions waiting to be planted.

Yes, it's organic!
Filling up my greenhouse again with lot's of salad.
Sunny always by my side ;)

 Planting three different sorts of onions.
Oh, those pretty colors!

Repotting my geranium into my new white painted pot.

house plants

While sorting out my files I found those
illustrations I made some months ago,
 I totally forgot about them.
Happy Tuesday!


On my table

Recently on my table...
Seeds from the garden.
My runner beans are still producing flowers and beans at the same time.
Last tomatoes and cucumbers.
Cardiospermum and Bitter Melon seeds.
Green pepper and reading further in my little Ayurveda book.
Happy autumn!


Garden update

The heavy rain made my nasturtium growing gigantic leaves!
When I returned from our vacation my lithops surprised me with a big yellow flower! It was closed on days and opened only in the evening. The previous weeks I harvested the last cucumbers and tomatoes and cleared out the greenhouse. After I did that, my bitter melon started to grow more and more and suddenly produced fruits again! I'm really happy, because I really enjoy eating them!
I sowed new rucola to have something fresh in autumn, hope it works!


my little workroom

I love to see how other creative peoples home's - it is so inspiring!
That's the main reason why I show my home also.
After organizing my little workroom finally,
I had to capture the moment, because we all know,
it will not stay that neat very long! :D
Have a good day and stay warm!



 On Silba there were many wild succulents.
I took three home with me and decorated the pots
with pieces of tiles and little stones I've collected on the beach.
I also collected a full jar of sea glass :)


Flower patterns

Patterns of my last illustrations.
Hope you like them as much as I do!


Silba VII

I'm always fascinated of abandoned buildings. Whenever I see one, I feel the urge to explore it.
On Silba we found this big one, full of graffiti and with a wonderful view onto the sea.
I would not recommend others to do the same, because it can be quite dangerous. Luckily I always have an expert with me. As my bf is pulling off such buildings in his job, he knows much about the stability of walls and ceilings in different stages.
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!