snail mail July

I recognized that the blogworld changed over the years and that many of the blogs I enjoyed reading and looking at, rarely post anymore or even stopped at all. Many people skipped to instagram. Sometimes I miss the good old blog times. Also nearly no snail mail treasures are shown anymore. So I wonder if you are still interested in seeing mine regularly? Maybe I am doing some changes in the future ... But until that: Enjoy!

From dear Cococita!
Lily sent me this beautiful card + new seeds for the coming year and a little clip for my collection! Yay!
Holiday postcard + cute fish stickers from Sandra :)
Isn't that great?! My friend Larissa sent me one of my favorite fruits! I could not believe my eyes!
Charcoal crayons, stickers and the cutest baby announcement from Katrien!
 A second letter filled with happy things from Joy!
Another pretty letter from Sara. I always love her analogue photos she is sending me and the vintage tough of her mail!


mme ulma said...

drachenfrucht! wie grandios!
oh, und überhaupt die analoge post – ganz wunderbar.

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

dear claudia,

lot has changed and i see it too and wonder where the good blog times have gone to. you do a great job with your snail mail, always in your own way you show it to us and you put always so much energy into the making of the pictures.


querido diário said...

i love to see your snail mail Claudia :D

iam takng pictures again of my received letters in film so i can get them in the blog soon :)

jabbott said...

I love this element to your blog the snail mail showcase x

jabbott said...

I love this element to your blog the snail mail showcase x

Carly Kaste said...

I love seeing peoples' snail mail; it's inspiring! The little trinkets and things you've received are genius. :)

Mi Joya said...

Me too, i still love to see all the wonderful snailmail that arrives everywhere! I'm not updating my blog anymore at this moment because my laptop works sooooo slow!! I'm mostly using my ipad but i find it very unhandy for blog updates!
So please keep your snailmail updates coming! :)

Katyha said...

everything is changing! here in Sydney especially the area I live young people and even the older ones walk around while on their phones, it is quite depressing as these young people are missing out on socialising and developing their social skills :( very sad.

I still enjoy your mail posts so please continue, they are always fun to see.

studio meez said...

I'm guilty of neglecting my blog too, but am planning to have a fresh start after summer. Talk to you all about it in a letter I'm planning to write. So yes, I love to see your snail mail ;)

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i always enjoy to see your snail mail treasures!
so keep on posting them!