Good Morning! Here are some mushrooms I illustrated last month.
Rainy weather makes them spring up everywhere now. Do you like to collect them or are you afraid of poisonous ones? My favorite to eat is the penny bun.
Thank you, Carla!


Carla Killens said...

You're very very welcome Claudia !

Die Pilze sind wunderbar !

Anikó said...

lots of mushrooms in the forests here. this year we are not going to pick any though, i can't really bend down from the baby bump. next year for sure! some lovely chanterelles and winter chanterelles grow here, which i really like, and in Hungary my favourite used to be scotch bonnet mushrooms, it grew everywhere in grasses. in the spring here people pick a poison mushroom called false morrels (they even serve it in restaurants!) but you have to know how to prepare it - something like boiling it many times...i had it once it was delicious but it gave me bad dreams.
by the way love that print!

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

yesterday i saw three little mushrooms, i show them soon..but i don't know there name. lovely illustartion work again claudia. keep up the good work !


querido diário said...

eheheh i love to see them in the forest and in the woods but i do not know how to difference the ones who are going to kill me from those who are good for me :)