Gardening update

Inside the greenhouse after doing some changes.
First ripe tomatoes.
Watering ...
First squashes are showing up.
Cucumber plant grabs one of my tomato plants :)
Blooming radishes.
Sunflower plants.
Other flowers ...
And again my butternut squash plant.
First of August! Time for a little garden update.
I was able to harvest the first tomatoes. Most of my tomato plants are looking quite poorly, because of the heavy rain we had. Most of the time it is really very dry, and then suddenly it rains so hard, that all is flooded within minutes.
They say cucumbers don't like tomatoes, but obviously that's not utterly true, as you can see on the 5. picture ;)
My squash plant is growing all around the greenhouse and I am patiently waiting for my sunflowers to start blooming. I let many plants going to seed, so I can send some away via snail mail in the future. Have a good start into the new month!


Belle Fleur de Lis said...

just very lovely. i wanted to take a little view before leaving home : ) if you see where you started your garden and look how it is now...then i think you may say you did a wonderful greatest job !!!! you may be very proud of your plants and garden !!!

good start for you to and thanks for sharing


querido diário said...

my father mixes zuchinni and pumpkin seeds and i have an hybrid <3 ehehe
your garden is looking really good!

Anikó said...

my sunflowers are taking their time too to flower. same here with the heatwave then a torrential downpour, after which everything is lying flat in the mud... funny weather.

beautiful and productive that little greenhouse of yours is! and just love that nosy explorer of a pumpkin plant :)

jabbott said...

What good results you have had in the greenhouse this month x

Carly Kaste said...

Eee, it's beautiful! I love the look of the butternut squash leaves.

Mi Joya said...

Your greenhouse and everything in it looks so pretty green! Enjoy Claudia!

studio meez said...

Your garden looks amazing Claudia! You did a great job!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

happy garden!
the sure thing is that tomatoes and cucumbers are delicious together as a salad! ;)