blog hop

Evdokia from have a kookie was so kind to invite me to take part in a blog hop.
Therefor I had to answer some questions and am allowed to invite 2 other creative persons.

There we go:
1. What am I working on?
Right now I’ve finished a new doily rug for my shop and made some pictures of it. Next to it, I am working on an illustration for a calendar cover. Also I’ve started to draw a new picture that I want to turn into a new woodcut. And I’m making new fabric patterns, so I’m quite busy ;)
2. How does my work differ from others' in it’s genre?
That's not easy to answer.
I’m actually working on many different genres, because if I work too long on the same, it makes me feel unhappy and bored after some time. I always need change, not only in my work, also in my daily life. This change is not only essential for my mental, but also for my physical balance. I can not endlessly crochet without getting problems with my arms, same with carving or sitting in front of my computer.
I’m a big fan of simple round objects, dots and circles. This might be the golden thread that is running through most of my work.
3. Why do I create what I do?
This is simple. I'm a maker! I feel the urge to create since my very early childhood days and it never ever stopped. I’m a visually assessed person, I need to surround myself with objects I like. And the best way to get those objects, is to just make them. But I definitely need more than one life to implement all the ideas that are popping up in my head.
4. How does my creative process work?
Usually I write down ideas on sheets of paper or a sketchbook. I also have a pen and notebook under my bed, because the night is a good time for ideas. If I have time, I directly start working. This is the best starting point, because if I can start immediately, the work flow is the best and the idea does not have to lead an uncertain existence in my notebook. I make sketches first (very plain and rough ones) and then just start on the final project. I make little changes until I feel satisfied. Often I sleep on it for a night and look at it again on the next day with „fresh eyes“. If I am still happy with my work then, I let it as it is, if not, I do some further changes. And I always like my latest project the most until I finish a new one ;)
Now I would like to invite Sandra and Joy!
It would be lovely, if you both find time to answer those 4 questions and post them next Monday!
Have a good start into the week!!!


cococita said...

Such a lovely interview! It's nice to get a peek into your creative world. Speaking for myself, I agree on the potential of more than one life :)

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

very good answers!
plus the fotos!
thank you for taking part claudia! x

jabbott said...

I really loved learning about your creative process and how you work. I think you are a very talented designer. Thank you for nominating me I will not be able to take part right now, but will do when I can x

Sandra Dunn said...

Claudia - Forgive me. I have been in NYC since last week and just got in last night. I think I missed your deadline. :( In the future, I would love to do this.
I LOVE your pics and process! You are such an inspiration to me. xo!!

Anikó said...

loved reading about your process!