Snail mail June

June is already nearly over again,
that means snail mail review!

A wonderful package from my friend Susanna, who will soon get her baby! I am so excited!
Unfortunately the cute doggie got damaged on the post way.
 Another surprise package from my friend Larissa. :)
Plants in my mail box! This is always exciting! Lily sent me some cuttings of her houseleek. It will be ideal for it here, because of the dryness we are having here!
Some time ago I sent Anna a baby pilea and 2 oxalis bulbs, plants that she wanted for longer time, but could not find in shops where she is living. Shortly afterwards she surprised me with this awesome parcel. Handmade dishcloths and lots of tea! :)
 Another lovely letter from Amalia from Greece!
First letter from my new pen friend Joy!
{Sorry, that you had to wait so long, but there is something on the way to you now!}
Another sweet letter from Lily who always is spoiling me like crazy!
A postcard from Lily and one from Sylvie.


Carly Kaste said...

I love love love that your pen pals send you seeds and plants and things. That's the sweetest snail mail gift. ^-^

Mi Joya said...

Another beautiful mail month!! :)

yoojin azad said...

Lovely snail mail month!! :) I'm lately so behind with all my letters... :(

querido diário said...