snail mail may part 2

I nearly forgot to show you this wonderful mail! It is from Sandra 
The chihuahua portrait really made me smile!
A very thoughtful package from my friend Larissa. All wonderful surprises, but the letter was the best, it really came from heart!
Another lovely postcard from Lily :)
Last but not least, happy mail from Katyha! I really love the postcards and polaroid cards!
When I see those things, it gives me a summery feeling :)


jabbott said...

I really love your new print it looks amazing with the repeat pattern.Was wondering if you got time for another penpal I would love to get in touch. My blog is mainly crochet stuff but my main passion is art sketching and stuff.Hoping to add a second blog to broadcast my love for the arts x

Sandra Dunn said...

Your swimmer with fish looks refreshing!
I agree the polaroid shots are beautiful and summery. Fun mail! :)