snail mail may part 1

Another awesome snail mail month!
This is not everything though, I got something living again in my mailbox,
more about it soon! 
A lovely surprise package from Yoojin! I love her rubber carving adventures! She is surely a talent!
And look at this pretty magnet bird she found for me :)
 A fox postcard from Lily 
When I discovered this pretty hat in Anna's shop, winter was already over, but in the end I could not resist and ordered it! And I really don't regret it, it fits perfectly and the wool is super soft and not itchy at all! I really love to buy from little shops where I know products are made with so much patience and love. And you will nearly always find little surprises in the package :)
I'm a big fan of Anna's knitting adventures! Just looking at her blog, gives me this peace that you have when you grab your knitting or crochet needles an having a good cup of tea :)
Another lovely letter from Sara. It was torn open, when it arrived, but I think nothing fell out. Oh these pretty stamps, she used! Love them and especially her analogue photographs! It's art!
A very happy, colorful package from Sylvie! She sent me the last vintage cards that were still missing of the pretty fairy tale card set, an unbreakable fish (you may remember that some mail was broken in the past), the cutest bug sticker,  pretty dried flowers and postcards. I feel so spoiled!
And last but not least, I did a swap with Carolin. I admire her screen prints for quite some time now. I ordered some of her postcards in the past, but could not part with them and send them away :) So she sent me more of them, I feel so lucky!!! Also about all the other surprises!


Anna Marian said...

Hello :) that it's so lovely. I myself have a couple of penpals and it's lovely to keep this magic on :) It's just sooo warm and lovely. Keep it up! Love, Lils xxx

querido diário said...

:) a very good mail month indeed!
i will keep the letters coming!

Anna said...

thank you for your kind words, it makes me very happy!!

Mi Joya said...

Always so nice to see all the happy mail you've received in a month!
Yay for all us happy letter writers!!
And yay for fishes that can't break ;-)

emmel-prutsemieke said...

I Like Carolin's art too

yoojin azad said...

I'm so happy you liked the little surprise in the mailbox. :)
And wow to all the other wonderful snail mails! :D

K8tlyn28 said...

My family loves to make homemade cards. Way more thoughtful. I'm new to blogger, if you have a second to check out my new blog, any feedback would be appreciated! :)