Pilea babies and succulents

I could finally split off the first two babies of my pilea plant. I counted 14 babies on one plant, can you believe it! I am so happy that I can finally have my own pilea family and being able to gift them to friends and family. I have already a little list of people who are waiting for one. The first one will go to my dear sister :) 
The succulent on the last picture I found wild growing in our garden. I try to save it from the lawn mower. We had a drastic weather change again, suddenly it is very hot again, this week it will be 30 degrees they said! I wish you a great time wherever you are!


Mi Joya said...

The world will become a better place with all these pileas :)
I am growing 2 baby plants too at the moment.
What a cool succulent on the third picture!!

emmel-prutsemieke said...

I wish I was on that list too. I asked the man of our flowershop for this kind of pillea but till now with no success.

RoVille said...

Hi! you have a so lovely blog!

love yours succulents! :)

Katyha said...

so jealous Claudia...enjoy your gardening it looks wonderful from here ;)

Enid Twiglet said...

Your pileas are so cute!

studio meez said...

My pilea has many little ones too. Love those stone looking cacti. And I think the last plant is some kind of sedum (burrito), I have two similar ones from the gardencenter.

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

oooh so nice to see the baby pileas : )
the succulents also look very good.

good luck with your garden

yoojin said...

Ahh, love the pileas!! So cute! :D
I'm trying to reproduce some of my succulents too lately. Hopefully I'll success :D