May walk

Another wonderful walk with Sunny to this mysterious place. I like it, because it is not as dry as the surrounding and it is full of blooming periwinkle, buttercup and tetterwort. It feels like fairies could appear every moment out of the silence that is only interrupted by the creaking of the trees.


cococita said...

Exactly the feeling it evoked for me: fairy tale style.
Would love to visit this place as well if I'd live a little bit closer.
You fit perfectly in this scenery, Claudia!

jabbott said...

what a beautiful place x

...tatjana... said...

life's too mysterious...don´t take it serious! wunderschöne lichtbilder ... auch die davor!


Lily said...

So wunderschön!

War das kleine Häuschen mal bewohnt?

Von so etwas träume ich noch als Rückzugort.

querido diário said...

You could be a fairy,Claudia :)
My laptop is being fixed and i feel só late behind in the blog reading but will try to catch up by my phone!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@lily: ich glaube das Häuschen dient als Weinkeller, bin mir nicht ganz sicher, aber es ist wirklich klitzeklein.

yoojin said...

I love the pictures! Truly beautiful place!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

such a beautiful place!
this little houses are adorable!
lovely outfit!