Doily rugs

I have busy crochet weeks behind me. A big order of Doily rugs.
They will all be sewed together to one huge rug in the end!
It sounds really exciting! A very creative customer!
Only one more and then my hands can rest a bit again :)


cococita said...

Wondering how many hours work you'll have put in this creation by the end. Such an intensive, yet original project!
Much love and wishing you a relaxing weekend with plenty of time to be spent in nature :)

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

beautiful work!
i hope you will show was the result!

Anikó said...

looks like a big project - but looks really cool!

etta said...

what a wonderful project! must take a whole lot of time, i couldn't find the patience.. anyway i love crochet, every piece is unique!

yoojin said...

Oh, I'm so excited how the giant rug will turn out!! :D Great project! :D