Busy weekend

The weekend was quite busy again. We finished our visual cover in the lower part of the garden, set up a pool and yesterday we planted three raspberry plants, three gooseberry plants, one blackberry, one Japanese wineberry and a jostaberry. It was quite stormy again, so I hope our plants will climatize. I love all kinds of berries and in my opinion they never taste very well if you buy them in shops, so I always wanted my own berry plants. After all the work we made a little walk to enjoy the end of the evening. On our walks I now and then force R. to sniff different blossoms :D Oh, how I love the smell of lilac!


cococita said...

Hihi, you and I are quite the same. M is forced to do the same quite often as well ;) and I am dreaming of a variety of home grown berries as well.
Love your skirt/dress!
Much love!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

oh, you will have so many different berries to eat!
wish you are having a good week!

querido diário said...