Ready for the abduction?

Originally I wanted to stick with using blue colors for my owl woodcuts, but once again I changed my mind directly before making the first printing process. I don't know what it is with colors and me. I always like to have a certain color palette like many other artists have, but end up giving in to my mood. And  I would like to surround myself with unflashy and natural colors, but everything that comes out of me is colorful and bold in the end. Well, it seems that's just me ;)
In two days I will be 33! Can you believe it! Where does time go?


querido diário said...

I love this tones :)

Sometimes we are too concerned about coherence,i think,it happens to me also with pictures,but sometimes we are a well curated version of ourselves but simply ourselves,exploring new options is life <3

fraukakau said...

Beim ersten Betrachten hat sich schon wieder ein dicker Knoten im Kopf gebildet. Aber der hat sich dank der tollen Fotos schnell wieder gelöst und das Druckergebnis ist wie immer entzückend.

Ich werd übrigens 2 Tage nach Dir ein klitzeklein wenig älter als Du ;)

Veronica Roth said...

That looks really lovely. I should get back to linocuts. I'm not very good but love it anyway. :)

Lily said...

It reminds me a bit of a book by Stephen King called dreamcatcher. A very good horror book about not so nice guys from outerspace visiting.

Scarry, but a good read.

Red has more emotions like blue - perhaps that was needed this time?

emmel-prutsemieke said...


wide-eyed-tree said...

@queridio diario: Thank you! Well said! You are right!

@fraukakau: :) Gottseidank! Mit Knoten im Kopf lässt es sich nicht gut entspannen ;) Freu mich, dass es dir gefällt! Ohh! Auch ein verträumter Fisch :) Wie schön!

@Veronica: Thank you, my dear! You definitely should! It is so nice to do! I really like the printing process!

@Lily: I have read many books from Stephen king when I was younger, unfortunately not the dreamcatcher, or maybe fortunately? When I was a kid I was really afraid of extraterrestrials landing on our terrace :D
I'm happy with the colors, maybe i will combine the red tones and blue tones in the next one...

@Emmel: :) :-*

cococita said...

Artist at work: how I love these photos of yours.

Isn't it a great thing to just be YOU and to listen to your colourful intuition? :)