Aren't peacocks fascinating creatures?
I am daydreaming of a secret garden with peacocks.
But I know they can be very loud, so I don't know if I could tolerate them,
I'm very sensitive to noise.
How is your week going? It got really cold again and we had some hail.


Liefgeval said...

Zo mooi <3

cococita said...

Your peacock looks adorable and proud: such a beautiful creation.
We are also having colder temperatures: the whims of nature.

Anikó said...

i like your take on a peacock - love the pink colourway with the blue! they can also be a bit aggro too, i heard from a friend that their peaceful picnic on a little greek island was spoiled by a group of peacocks demanding the sandwiches...!
for us it's warming up in finland, the weather is especially kind this week, but you never can say winter is fully over until it's may! :) hope your springtime returns soon!

Lily said...

Montag war so doll Hagel dass die Autobahn gesperrt wurde, weil 14 Autos beim Hagel aufeinandergefahren sind - und ich habe Ewigkeiten gebraucht um nach Hause zu kommen.

Pfauen sind wunderschön, aber Ihr solltet dafür schon weit von Eurem nächsten Nachbarn weg wohnen - Hühner sind auch schön und legen dazu noch Eier und sind nicht ganz so laut. :-)

Zum Glück ist Dein Pfau harmlos - nur hübsch.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Liefgeval: Thank you :)

@cococita: Thank you! I hope spring comes back soon, it was so nice to be in the garden without freezing ;)

@Aniko: :) Yes, I know - big birds are not always that peaceful. Enjoy the good weather! I hope here it will get warmer also again!

@Lily: Uhh, das klingt nicht gut! Da habt ihr es also auch nicht besser mit dem Wetter grade, aber lange kann es ja nicht mehr dauern, dass sich der Frühling endgültig einstellt. Zum Glück haben wir keinen direkten Nachbarn, noch nicht zumindest!

querido diário said...

It got colder and the week went by in a blink of an eye!
these peacocks are just so beautiful<3

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

my most favorite so far!
it would be great a secret garden with peacocks :)
i must say this week was a good one!