juggling ladybug

We're having heavy storms again which is making me worry about my garden plans.
Weather got so aggressive the last years.
Did I tell you about our ladybug plague in autumn?
I have never seen that much ladybugs in my whole life and they all tried to find a nice hibernation place in our home :)
They were everywhere and I thought they deserve to be theme of one of my illustrations.


Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i always smile when i meet a ladybug :)
did you get any fotos of the ladybugs parade in your house? :)

Anikó said...

fun little illustration :) i think ladybugs are a nicer sort of insect to invade your home, if any - in this apartment we get those big leggy spiders called harvestman they hang out in here in september time. they are harmless and slow, but give me a fright every time i spot one :)
btw, happy belated birthday, i missed my chance to say it on time!

Camila Faria said...

I can't think of anything lovelier than a ladybug parade (a nicer word for investation)!


querido diário said...

Suxh a funny illustration Claudia <3
You should receive my letter until the end of the afternoon!