garden time

Yesterday I planted the first flower bulbs. 
Calla lilies, white bleeding hearts, anemones and lilies.
{All flower pictures taken from this site}
The birds are watching me always very curiously.
Good to know that I'm not the only curious one here :)
Have a good Friday!!


cococita said...

That first photo is amazing, Claudia! Happy spring and a warm weekend!

Mi Joya said...

Isn't this a lovely time to be outside!!
Birds singing and all the plants sprouting again..
Love it!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i hope the tail above didn't drop anything :D
great picture of your two bird friends!
wish your bulbs grow up so beautiful as in the pictures!

yoojin said...

Wish you a wonderful Friday and a great weekend too! :D

Sara ~Snövits äpple~ said...

Dear Claudia!
Oh gardening and spring!!
Yes i think we are so alike when it comes to the social life. We both need our own worlds and we need to spend a lot of time in those little worlds. (I am not on facebook any more, in case you don´t see me there). I have been thinking about you and I want to finally write to you soon. Much love xx

querido diário said...

Hope your flowers grow fast :)
Garden make me happy!