a pretty number and a photo shooting with myself

My new age.
A nice number!
And a little time with myself for myself.
The dress is a vintage one from kleiderkreisel.
I really love the idea of this site! People offer their second-hand clothes and you can also share ideas and other stuff. It is a really nice community.


Lily said...

Happy birthday!

Sandra Dunn said...

Happy Birthday! I'm surprised that Suny didn't bomb your photo shoot. ;)

Katyha said...

Happy birthday dear Claudia...I hope you have a lovely day ;)

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday!!!
I am going to visit that web.

coco said...

oh happy birthday claudia. \did you crochet that rug too? amazing.

querido diário said...

Your are so beautiful and you look so much yonger :)

Patrice A. said...

a bit late but
happy birthday!!
wauw 33, so young
you look beautiful
as does the rug


Mina said...

A very happy belated birthday from me too (sorry for being late, I was traveling)! What a great number, 33. It's wonderful to see that you're still so wonderfully young at heart! Hope you had an awesome day.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Lily: Thank you!

@Sandra Dunn: hahaha, yes! He did in the beginning, but then went having an afternoon nap. I was actually wondering that he did not stay the whole time at my side ;)

@Alice: Thank you!

@coco: the big grey rug is made by my mother! Isn't it great!

@querido diario: :)

@Patrice A.: Thank you!

@Mina: Thank you! Yes, 33 is a really nice number :)

yoojin said...

Even if it's belated: Happy happy birthday and all the love in the world to you!! :) :) I love the pictures! :)

I like to order cloths from Kleiderkreisel too, btw. It's such a great idea. :)