December mail

Hi! I hope you all had a great time celebrating and eating lot's of yummy food!
I visited my family and friends in Melk and made some really nice forest walks with my mother.
You can see some pictures of it on my Instagram page.
No white Christmas though - well, you can't have everything ;)
Once again it was an awesome mail month:
First mail is from Katyha. Lot's of pretty things! I especially like the cute to-do list pad. As I always make a lot of lists, I will definitely use it soon :) And the pretty deer decoration is already hanging on our Christmas tree. Thank you!
Three lovely cards from Lily! And the golden fish - they are so nice!
Thank you so much for spoiling me!
This pretty letter is from Sylvie! Unfortunately 3 arms of the Christmas decoration were broken, even though they were packed really well, but Dr. Claudia could cure them all immediately and now they are leading a happy life on our tree :) Thank you for all the great things! I was thinking of maybe carving a stamp from the illustrations on the playing cards.
My friend Irina sent us a huge package of products of her organic shop! Isn't that great?!
Lovely Christmas greetings from Sandra - I hope my card did arrive by now also!

Christmas mail from Fiona. What a happy letter :) And those pretty earrings! Unfortunately I don't have earlobe piercings. I hope you don't mind if I gift them to someone else who is able to wear them. But thank you so much!
Last but not least (my washing machine is calling me right now), happy mail from Cococita with exciting news! Thank you, my dear! I hope you also got my card!


Sandra Dunn said...

I thought your December mailbox might be looking lovely! :) Lots of happy & beautiful cards and thoughts. Happy New Year dearest.

Helen said...

Its so nice to exchange letters, I tried really hard to send lots of letters and cards to my friends but only 2 people responded, I still had fun writing though

Mi Joya said...

Luckily Dr Claudia has some good skills ;)
Oh what a good idea to use the illustrations for stamps! They're nice, right? I've got more different ones if you'd like to make a whole serie!
Happy 2014 Claudia!!

querido diário said...

love all of this <3