At the end of November I told you about one of my dreams that might come true.
 Since I am carving stamps I always wanted to make woodcuts, but without printing press you usually don't come far. But as I know that good things come to those who wait, my dream came finally true! I got my own printing press of an artist of my hometown who does not longer need it. Only problem, I don't really have the space for it, haha! Right now it is standing in the cellar in the corner under the stairway and I already made first experiments with it. Don't wonder about my clothes, it is bloody cold in our cellar! :D In summer it will be more comfortable I guess... 
Preliminary findings: I love the whole process, but there is a lot to learn. Especially the right handling of differemt printing colors in combination with pressure intensity and different types of paper.


December mail

Hi! I hope you all had a great time celebrating and eating lot's of yummy food!
I visited my family and friends in Melk and made some really nice forest walks with my mother.
You can see some pictures of it on my Instagram page.
No white Christmas though - well, you can't have everything ;)
Once again it was an awesome mail month:
First mail is from Katyha. Lot's of pretty things! I especially like the cute to-do list pad. As I always make a lot of lists, I will definitely use it soon :) And the pretty deer decoration is already hanging on our Christmas tree. Thank you!
Three lovely cards from Lily! And the golden fish - they are so nice!
Thank you so much for spoiling me!
This pretty letter is from Sylvie! Unfortunately 3 arms of the Christmas decoration were broken, even though they were packed really well, but Dr. Claudia could cure them all immediately and now they are leading a happy life on our tree :) Thank you for all the great things! I was thinking of maybe carving a stamp from the illustrations on the playing cards.
My friend Irina sent us a huge package of products of her organic shop! Isn't that great?!
Lovely Christmas greetings from Sandra - I hope my card did arrive by now also!

Christmas mail from Fiona. What a happy letter :) And those pretty earrings! Unfortunately I don't have earlobe piercings. I hope you don't mind if I gift them to someone else who is able to wear them. But thank you so much!
Last but not least (my washing machine is calling me right now), happy mail from Cococita with exciting news! Thank you, my dear! I hope you also got my card!


Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!


hexagonal gift box

Every Sunday in Advent Isabell is sharing a tutorial of someone creative on her awesome blog called fundschau. I had the honor of making one for the 4. of Advent which is today! So feel free to have a look at her site! {it is in German though}


Christmas tree

The happy part is done!
The tree is decorated :)
Over the years I got some lovely decorations from my pen friends and seeing them hanging on our tree now is really nice! Heating has become a real challenge in the house. When I entered my working room in the morning it was 14 degrees. Have a great and warm weekend!


Frosty days


No snow, but a lot of hoarfrost these days.
Very pretty to look at! I walked up the little hill behind the house to make some pictures.
Our Christmas tree is waiting for decoration, nearly all gifts are wrapped - finally I'm finding more serenity again. I hope you too!


Weekend walk

Today finally the sun showed up after a really dark and misty time,
so we decided immediately to make the most of it and go outside.
The branches of the trees were full of little water drops that looked like natural fairy lights in the sun. Too pretty to capture on a picture.
Hope you are all good out there and not too stressed!


Winter postcard sets

Postcards of my winter themed illustrations arrived and moved into the shop.
Are you having all your presents for Christmas yet?
My Christmas bunny illustration did not win the competition, but thank you for your sweet comments! It is decorating our kitchen now ;)


Illustration competition

Luloveshandmade has started a great competition where you can win a Wacom tablet!
Therefor everyone is called upon to make a nice Christmas illustration.
Here is mine!
The competition is open until tomorrow, so there is still a little time to join!
Wish me luck! I want to win it for someone very special!


little trees

Every year I make little trees to use as gift tags and other decoration.
This year red and pink ones!
{If you wonder about the chestnuts, the pictures were taken in October}


November mail

Another great snail mail month!
I got a lot of pretty postcards:
The first one is from my friend Susanna from her trip to Berlin, the second one is from Cococita and the three others are from Lily. I have them all hanging in the kitchen :)
Lily also sent me these wonderful fabrics!
Thank you so much! Something is already on the way to you!
These pretty cards are from Sandra. Love the cute little chihuahua babies :)
It makes me happy to see that she is using the stamp I sent her last time!
A letter from Katrien. I missed getting news from her, but I know life can be so busy and it is not always easy to find the peace to sit down and write. I am also behind with answering again.
We already feared that Coco's package got lost, because it needed a really long time to arrive. It was stuck in the custom office. But the waiting was absolutely worth it! She spoiled me with seeds of her garden and a handmade pouch. I really like how she packed the seeds in all those different papers!
Thank you so much! I can't wait to be able to make garden experiments!
And last but not least a blue&purple package from Cococita! Look at this pretty fabric and again I got some of her art experiments! A little something is also on the way to you until I have more time again to write more :)
I hope you all enjoy your first Advent!
We had already some fun in the garden, Sunny was jumping around like crazy again :)
And the candle of the wreath I made is burning and bringing some cozy atmosphere.