Making a wreath

I made a wreath this afternoon. Now there is this nice smell everywhere in our home.
I also found a use for the piece of fabric with my bird design.
Have a cozy weekend!


Tina magazine

A while ago the press team of the women's magazine "Tina" contacted me to send them 3 of my leaf stamps. Today the magazine was in my mailbox! I must say I really like what they did with my stamps!



Just this moment it started to snow for the first time of the year,
but really only a little bit, let's see how it develops :)
Inspired of a vintage fabric I have, I made these prints of wild animals.
– – – – –
Did it snow already where you are?
I'm busy keeping the house warm with our 2 wood stoves ;)
Ps.: One of my dreams will come true soon, so I'm in anticipation for a while now - more about it later!
Stay warm, where ever you are!


Paper star tutorial postcard

 1. Maybe you remember my paper star tutorial.
I thought it would be nice to get them printed as postcards.
I think I will makes some for our windows this year again :)
– – – – –
2. I never had luck with ebay, but this time (I still nearly can't believe it) I was lucky enough to win the auction of these Brause & Co linoleum carving tools! I am so happy, because in my opinion they are the best to carve! Brause & Co was a company in Germany that started in 1895 to produce calligraphy pens and stuff like that. They are not existing in that form anymore. Maybe you understand now why I am so happy :) I also love their logo with the rooster.
– – – – –
 3. Only because it is matching well with the colors in this post: Cones I collected for  the woodstove.


Cones and other nice things

Weather is really misty and cold lately. Sometimes I can spot the circle of the sun behind the grey veil of clouds which looks like the moon then. I made another illustration suitable to this time of the year and I celebrate my guilty pleasure - browsing magazines.



Thank you for sharing your opinions with me!
I think a new little series is developing.
Friday already again! Have a good one!


Rose hips

Being surrounded by so many rose hips here, I had to make an illustration!
Which one do you prefer?
The one with the grey or the one with the green leaves?


doily rug parade

{klick to enlarge}
Time for a little doily rug parade!


Black doily rug

Another finished doily rug.


Christmas cards

I totally forgot to show you my handprinted Christmas cards.
What a busy time. I hope you are all well!


leaves round dance

{klick on the images to see bigger}
 Not much time at the moment, but I wanted to show you these patterns I made out of leaves that I've found on my walks. I tried out different color schemes. Fabric test pieces are on their way :)
I'm looking forward to that!


curtains + new doily rug star

Late night sewing.
Finally I found a use for this pretty floral fabric.
Makes the living room a lot more cozier.
The white doily rug is finished!
There is an album called "curtains" of John Frusciante.
Do you know him? I always loved his solo music.