pilea peperomioides

I told you that I got something living via post. Here it is!
Lotte was so sweet to send me 2 of her pilea baby plants.
They are doing good and I even have the feeling that they already have grown a bit since the few days I have them now :) {Thank you so much, Lotte!!!}
On the last picture you can see my ginger plant and a bird house that my mother gave me as a present.
Soon I want to install it outside!


Patrice A. said...

i want one too


wish you
a fine, fine weekend

Mi Joya said...

I got a little pilea from a friend with new year and it has grown so much already! I like this plant so much!

cococita said...

Looking forward to seeing them grow here!
Such an adorable bird house.

querido diário said...

Pileas are so lovely and your house is getting prettier day by day!

yoojin said...

Ohhhhh, the pilea plants are gorgeous!! :D The first time I saw them I fell in love with them... I definitely have to check again if I find those plants in a flower shop. :)

Sabrina Schmider said...

Ginger, really? I've planted a Kurkuma (it's familiar) and I hope it will grow like your ginger. :-)