Picking up nuts

The colors of the leaves are slowly changing. We are having a cold, but sunny weekend.
Picking up some walnuts for winter. I love living here!



Corner of my new working room.
My beloved, old record player,
+ wearing cozy house shoes.


Cherry dress

Only in nature I realize how small I am.
– – – – –
Yesterday I finally was wearing my cherry dress the first time. To my birthday in March I got a gift voucher from my friend Irina and I kept it long time, because I could not decide what to buy myself. In the end I got myself this pretty cherry dress. It has exactly the right pattern - very comfortable and still feminine. I simply love it! Unfortunately I tend to keep the clothes I love the most always far too long in my closet ;)
– – – – –
Oh, and I have finally Instagram! I always wanted to use it, but did not want a smart phone.
I still have no smart phone, but signed in my bf's phone to be able to use it :)
I only uploaded one picture yet, but I already feel it will be addictive :D


pancake and plum excess

Having a lot of pancakes and plums lately.
Because I can't eat all plums at once, I made jam :)
Found fresh turmeric roots in the organic shop –
they taste so much better than the powder!
I wrote a lot of letters.
And I dreamed that I met my duck again that I raised 20 years ago,
it was huge and we embraced, haha!


Nosy birds II

Two more birds of my illustration series.



...in the oak wood with my blue dog cap
that my mother knitted for me 2 years ago :)


Early in the morning

Early in the morning I did a garden round (don't know if you say that in English) to look how our fresh planted hedge is doing and I spotted this swarm of birds. Maybe they are heading already to the south. They made pretty formations in the sky and were cackling quite loud :) On the last picture are the cherry laurel plants that remained. Don't know yet what to do with them...
How was your weekend so far?


Nosy Birds I

Some time ago I started to make a new illustration series.
It is called "Nosy Birds". These are the first two :)


Evening walk

What a busy time... Sunny got sick again, I was worrying so much about him :(
We had to find a new vet and luckily found a really nice one, one who doesn't only quickly prescribe pills, but really tries to find out how to help in long term. Today I managed to make a little evening walk to explore the surrounding. It got quite cold here, I already heat the tiled stove every day. I found these wild pretty physalis pants not far from our home. What a pretty bright color!


Living room

First pictures of the living room. It has a wooden ceiling that I normally don't like, but in this case it doesn't look so bad. I like the big door to our sunny terrace (south front) and of course I love the tiled stove and the possibility to heat with wood! Sunny is quite happy with it, too :)
Unfortunately not all my plants survived the move. You should have seen my monstera when we arrived. Even though we took so much care and transported it separately in our car, it was looking poorly, totally flat, all leaves hanging down (it definitely does not enjoy car rides!). But luckily it recovered fast!



Yesterday: digging holes + planting 140 cherry laurel plants with the help of my parents-in-law-to-be and my father. On Monday the next 110 plants will arrive!
Happy weekend!!!


Frau Kakau ❤

Before the move I was so lucky to win this wonderful giveaway made by Frau Kakau.
I simply love her work, especially her unique toilet paper holder called RoLLLand!
Check out her DaWandaEtsy shop + Blog! You won't regret it!



Yesterday I took some time to bottle some peaches. It was my very first time to do that :)
I hope it worked! Also harvested some physalis of a plant my father gifted me last weekend. Do you like physalis? I love them! It is such a special taste. In the first picture: my glutenfree pancake with roasted plums.
I get so much mail lately – it feels like Birthday! Please be so kind to give me some more time to reply as there still are so many things that have to be done on the house. The days are just too short at the moment. Enjoy this beautiful autumn!



Morning clouds + fresh stewed peaches for breakfast