New card sets + giveaway

Time for a give-away!
You can win one of these card sets
{4 postcards with my pattern designs}.
All you have to do, is to leave a comment until next Monday
{5th of August}.
On Tuesday Random Number Generator will help me picking a winner.
Good luck!



For those who asked, we actually want to move our stuff to our new home in September, if all goes well. We already had some unexpected problems. Like we borrowed a stripper from the home improvement store to remove the glued carpets, but after a short while it gave up the ghost, same with the second gadget and because we only have the weekends to work there, we lost already time. The third stripper from a third store worked finally! Third time lucky :) The plan is to fix up the most necessary rooms, move in and renovate the rest step by step later. This will save money and nerves :) The extreme heat wave isn't making anything easier. But we are still very grateful. Yesterday we were able to start painting my future workspace. Can't wait to decorate it. But first we need a floor....


Morning walks

I like Vienna the most on Saturday or Sunday mornings.
Before everyone is awake, I like to do my walks to enjoy the atmosphere. I don't know what it is, but often I have the feeling that the busy thoughts of all the people around me are interrupting my inner peace. And if they all lie in their beds, still dreaming, I can finally feel myself. Hard to explain... it's like entering an empty room.


sheep cloud patterns

They say it will be 39 degrees this weekend!
I see myself already working on the house naked :D


more patterns

Thank you for all your kind comments!
Sure there will come a lot of changes with this move, but I like new beginnings! It will be my 5th move. It's now ten years that I live in Vienna and I bet some of you haven't even realized that I live where I live, because I'm hardly posting any city pictures. I'm mostly drawn to nature where my mind feels more open and clear. I still keep many seeds that I got via snail mail from some of you and I really hope they will be still good next spring to finally give them a chance to grow :)
– – – – –
Some patterns that I haven't shown you on my blog yet.
2 more will follow and then there will be a give-away :)
Have a good time where ever you are!


clouds and future dreams

The sky looks like this lately.
Beautiful airy cloud formations.
Nature is the best artist of all.
Last week I ordered these books - today they arrived. One book is about self-sufficiency, growing your own garden and the other book is about edible plants in wild nature. These books have something to do with the big change I was talking about in one of my last posts. The big change is that we will leave city life and move into a small house in the country side with our own garden! A dream that I have since many years now will come true! All the sad attempts of growing eatable plants inside will come to an end! A new chapter of life will start :) I am beyond excited! A lot of work has to be done until we are able to move but I am looking forward to every step :)


Fabric test pieces

Here are the promised pictures of the test fabrics with 11 of my patterns. More will follow in the future. These 11 patterns are available to purchase on my new spoonflower site . They also print decals, wallpaper and gift wrap. I'm really happy how they turned out especially the bird pattern and the leaves and bugs, actually I like them all ;)
Have a great weekend! Mine will be quite busy...


Girl with plant

 Can you guess who this is?
I bet some of you can!



 Do you remember my little ginger plant experiment in May and that I told you that I actually don't know how a ginger plant looks? Now I know it, hehe! It has grown really fast :)


more postcards

How was your weekend?
Mine was really nice – we made a boat trip with lots of swimming.
I was too lazy to take pictures though ;)
This summer there will be a big change for my bf and me.
I will tell you soon about it, I am so excited!
Wish you a good start to the week!
Oh and before I forget, the test fabrics have arrived! Most of them turned out much better than I`ve expected. I will make some pictures for you soon!



 Postcard sets "YOU AND ME"


You and me II

Second part of my illustration series.


You and me I

In May I made some illustrations and I decided to have postcards printed of some of them.
Yesterdays they arrived! I love these moments! BTW: I'm still waiting for the fabric test pieces...
In the next days I will add some postcard Sets to my shop.
Have a great day!


green + homepage

I love horsetail! What a mystical + intriguing plant!
And the green is so glaring!
– – – – –
Maybe you remember when I told you about working on my homepage.
Since that I changed it a thousand times and still I'm not really satisfied with it, 
but I placed a link now on the right, if you are interested. {or klick here}


Deep in the woods

{forest pattern}



Making little notebooks.
Some of them are already on the way to someone else.
Viva la snail mail!