Hot-water-bottels in my bed.
Dreams of sunny days on the beach, swimming in the ocean,
eating ice cream that they don't produce anymore.
Waking up: rain, rain, rain....


Lily said...

Beauty of summer catched in the flowers!

Mi Joya said...

Oh no, are you still feeling sick?
It seems like we'll finally have a nice sunny day here! Sending some sun over to you!

cococita said...

I'll send the sun to Vienna dear Claudia! Today is a beautiful day here ... x

lauren, curious constellation said...

I know exactly how you feel! We're having the worst storm in Cape Town at the moment.

Alicia said...

Here in Spain we have the same nasty weather :(

querido diário said...

the weather here is so inconstant...it can go from really cold and windy to burning hot :/

Sandra Dunn said...

The weather is crazy all over the globe. We had more killer tornadoes in Oklahoma on Friday. Today is a perfect spring day here. Thank you for cheering is all with your lovely daffodils.

Patrice A. said...

yesterday we had sun
and i enjoyed it so much
but only yesterday
today it's grey and windy

take care!
i love the bright
yellow and orange ;^))