Flying horse envelopes

Inspired from my illustrations
I carved some stamps to create some hand printed envelopes.
One package is in the shop now,
the others I will use for my own mail.
But I am sure I will make some more soon.
Have a good Friday!


querido diário said...

:) lovely horse!

Harmony said...

Wow qué artista, preciosísimos sellos. ♥♥

yoojin said...

I love how dynamic it looks. So cute! :D Like a happy hopping horse :D

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i love their shape!
the stamps are great
and the drawings
in the posts before

Lisa said...

Your horse-drawing is beautiful, Claudia. And I like the colors you use for your stamps...

+ your mail arrived, thanks!
+ signs of life on my ginkgo :)

Lily said...


Danke für die Vögel!

Elisa said...

Beautiful horse!Bravissima!