Big cloud pillow

I sewed a big cloud pillow
out of my old terry cloth summer dress.
Terry cloth is one of my favorite type of fabrics
next to simple cotton fabric.
Today it's 34 degrees!
Habe einen großen Wolken-Polster
aus meinem alten Frottee Sommerkleid genäht.
Frottee ist eine meiner Lieblingsstoffarten
neben einfachem Baumwollstoff.
Heute hat es 34 Grad!


In My Wild Eden said...

Terry cloth pillows are the funnest to hug. What a wonderful idea to make a cloud out of your dress. I imagine clouds are fun to hug too! Perfect!!!

helensarahvaughan said...

lovely! great idea

Lisa said...

I want hot weather toooooo!
Here it doesn't stop raining :(

Alicia said...

as Lisa I want hot weather too...
This cushion is so nice. I thought it was in your shop :(

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

das ist ja toll geworden. super idee, die blümchen in die wolken zu heben :)

studio meez said...

Oeh, love love clouds and this one is very pretty. I like the fabric you used. Can you send some sun over here?

Katyha said...

ah 35 degrees sound wonderful right now ;)