All sky

As you probably all know,
I love making pictures of the sky.
Here are some new for my flickr set "all sky".
Have a good Monday!
Wahrscheinlich wisst ihr alle,
dass ich es liebe den Himmel zu fotografieren.
Hier sind ein paar neue Bilder für mein flickr Set "all sky".
Schönen Montag!


the Blue Rabbit House. said...

The 3rd photo looks a bit scary! But the sky looks real cool at the same time.

I got your mail, I just haven't had the time yet to answer. I'll try to find a moment this week. :)

Zenobie (Queen of Carrot Flowers) said...

these are so dramatic but peaceful at the same time. I love taking pictures of the sky too, and seeing shapes in the clouds as well

Isidora said...

when i was a child, i was able to watch the sky for hours.

Elisse said...

Wawwww, those clouds are really nice. Beautiful pictures!

In My Wild Eden said...

I love pictures of the sky. I love how it's always changing- never the same. Beautiful photos!

Lily said...

Beautiful skies!

Sewon said...

The second to the last one looks like tiny blobs, I love it!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@the Blue Rabbit House: No problem, I just wanted to ask, if you got it, you know why :)