Felt doily

I made another felt doily. The wool was different this time, so it did not shrink much, but the curves got even and nicely. Actually I like it this way, so I will let it stay like this and not try to shrink it any further. You can see my previous felt doilies hereherehere & here. Have a good day!



Some stamps I've carved recently.
The first one was a custom logo stamp for Isidora.



Repotting plants - always a beautiful mess.



Here is my promised giveaway. One of my hand-printed easter-bunny cards. All you have to do now, is to leave a comment until next Sunday. On Monday {5th of March} Mister Random Number Generator will pick a winner. Good luck!


Teapot cards

Here are the teapot cards I printed. Enjoy your weekend!


Easter cards

The tidy place I showed you yesterday does not exist anymore. Every time I get creative the whole room turns into a big mess :) I carved a big bunny stamp and made loads of Easter cards. I think they look eye-catchy. I put most of them in my little shop (german)/shop (english). I also made some new teapot cards, will show them soon to you and my promised giveaway is also prepared, so don't forget to stop by again the coming days.



I like to rearrange my home - constantly.


Sunny walk

The sun was shining the whole day. Perfect for a walk. I was looking for some snowdrops, but nature is still sleeping. Maybe next time.

In my mailbox

Some time ago Nadine who has also a little webshop, actually two (BASTELEINvonKLITZEKLEIN-Schmuck + BASTELEINvonKLITZEKLEIN) contacted me to do a little swap. I picked some of those little glass fly agarics and she surprised me with one of her selfmade key fobs. Very nice surprise, I hope it will bring me luck :)
Yesterday I got another package from Indra. I was looking forward to it already because she told me before what she will send me :) the Morran Book Project where I also participated with an illustration back in October. It is such a great collection of illustrations from creative people all around the world. You can still get your own copy here. (And it is for a good cause!) Thank you so much, Indra, I appreciate it a lot!


White & green

Today I got myself white tulips and went to the post office to send away some packages. This little cuddly cloud is in on of those packages. It will be a surprise. When I put the tulips on my windowsill, the sun was suddenly shining for a minute. These are the best moments. Spring isn't so far away anymore.


Ladybug rug

Some time ago I wrote about a bigger project I am working on. So this is it! I finished it when I was housesitting in my hometown. Dawn from lovely paper blog (soon to be found here) contacted me to make a rug for her sweet little daughter Sofia. She only gave me some colour choices, the rest was up to me :) It was a really nice challenge and I think I can be happy with the result. Now I only hope that Sofia will be happy, too. It was 25 hours working time, 14 skeins wool and it measures 101 x 125cm (39,76 x 49,21 inch) and it looks super happy, doesn't it? :D



In the mood for yellow lately,
but not for words.

{Hearts around doily pattern from here}


Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy mail

Letter from Lily with a new paper clip for my collection and this lovely pull-out fish card :)
Second mail is from the talented textile designer Karina who contacted me some time ago to do a mail swap. I was very happy about being able to be part of her little project called textile letters . Go, have a look at her sites! She is such an interesting person with an unique style. I love all the things she sent me.

And more...

Blogger has changed suddenly, so I am a bit confused right now. I hope I'll get the routine soon. I'm back in Vienna. It was a nice time in my hometown, but now it is also good to be back again. Lot's of things to do. I wanted to show you the last bunch of envelopes that I've made. Some really nice mail was waiting for me, will show you pictures of it soon!


Winter in my hometown

Some pictures of the way where I walk with the dogs every day now. The landscape is so nice to look at, but the wind is icecold (still -14,9ยบ). Now I am looking forward to come home again. Wish you a wonderful weekend!


Burning down the house

Some more envelopes.

Something else: 2 days ago I had really blessing in disguise! I noticed a strange smell and suddenly saw that there was a blanket lying too close by the tiled stove. It was already smoking when I found it and had a big burning hole. I'm so happy that I saw it fast enough. Right away I had this song on my mind :)



Thank you for your kind words to my blog anniversary! I hope I will be able to blog for a long long time :) ||| It snowed over night, I was already two times out to shovel snow. Oh yes, a house is much more work than a flat, but I enjoy it anyway. ||| As you can see, I made a new pile of envelopes out of magazine paper. It's always nice to recycle.