And the winner is...

Random number generator picked number 14.
So the lucky winner of the giveaway Christmas card is Lily!
I will send you the card as soon as possible!

For all the others:
Thank you for taking part, I will certainly make another giveaway sooner or later.


Signs of winter

Yesterday I saw first signs of winter. It was very misty,
but the snow on the upper trees made a very nice view.

Giveaway is still open until tomorrow!


Paper star tutorial II

I even found an easier version of making paper stars yesterday evening when I made further ones for my windows. And although there are masses of those tutorials out there (Anna Bruun showed me this site today), I decided to make another graphic of it. Here you don't need an extra circle to glue the pieces together, but the star seems less compact and solid than with the other version.

Flying stars

Yesterday night some photo experiments with flying stars. Oh, they fall so quickly! But some I was able to capture :) | I would love to see pictures of your paper stars if you decide to make some. Happy decorating!


Paper star tutorial

I'm happy, that you like my paper stars! Because some of you asked, I made a little tutorial for you of how I normally make them. Hope you like it. Feel free to ask me if something is unclear!

And don't forget the giveaway!


More stars

More stars in my home :)


Christmas card giveaway

*giveaway of one of my hand-printed Christmas cards*

Just leave a comment until upcoming Sunday.
On Monday I will pick a winner. Good luck!!!


Stars for my window

Today I cleaned the window in my working room and decided to decorate it with selfmade stars. Like last year, but different colors & size. {Klick + klick} It is so simple, but so nice to look at!


Whale fabric

Finally I made something out of one of the pieces of fabric that I printed in summer. Two I already gifted away and this one I won't keep for myself either, I have someone in mind who may like it. Happy weekend!


Christmas stationery

So nice to hear that so many of my readers are bed time lovers as well! Sunny is also one at the moment, he is sleeping nearly all day, I guess he feels that winter is coming. ||| I made this Christmas stationery and I also got such nice packages recently. One from a new blog friend Isidora from Croatia (have a look at her site, she is making lovely paper crafts & pictures) and one from sweet Anna who is recently making me smile with her funny posts about her wolverine. Thank you so much! Klick here to see the packages.


bed & buttons

Did I ever mention that I love my bed! My favorite moment of the day is sleeping time, when I know the day is gone and I can let go everything. This might sound a bit negative, but it's not in my eyes. I have a very vivid dream world, so I am also looking forward to that. ||| Letters waiting for the mail box. |||And I made some deer buttons fitting to the stationery I made.


Cards with envelopes

Thank you all for your kind words about my cards in the last post!
I appreciate them a lot!


Christmas cards

Transformed my working room into a little Christmas card factory. Unfortunately Sunny dog had to stay outside, otherwise he would have walked all over the cards. More pictures will follow.

Deer stamp

Carved this deer stamp to make Christmas cards for my shop and for private use also. Will show them to you in the next post.



Do you like trees?
Then you should go and listen what they have to say!


Thrifted crochets

On the way to the park I noticed a new little thrift store where they had a lot of doilies outside of the shop in a basket. I could not walk by and got some of the smaller ones. They look so delicate like snow flakes. And now I can finally share also some pictures in Lotte's lovely Thrifted crochets flickr group :)

Birds & squirrels

{music: Jon Brion • Cubes}

Here is the little movie I promised to show you.
Don't overlook the fluffy squirrel ears :)



Today I went to the park to enjoy the sun and feed the birds again. This time even some squirrels came close. I had a good time watching their fluffy ears waving in the wind. So cute! I also made a little movie, that I will show you soon.

Saturday morning

Sun is shining! Can you believe it?! And some sunbeams even came inside. Perfect for a Saturday morning. Have a great weekend!


Something new

Carved some new stamps. I thought it's time for some christmas motifs and the Kitty I made especially for a friend who loves Hello Kitty (of course the Kitty is not for selling to safe the trademark). ||| My paper clip collection is getting bigger and bigger thanks to my sweet snail mail friends. Latest new clip is the dog bone and the one on the right side from dear Karolien. The full package you can see here in my snail mail set on flickr. :)