Sunday walk

Today the sun was out for a few minutes and the grey disappeared. We made a walk in nature and saw this fire salamander. It's long ago since I last saw one. I even think I was a child when I last saw one in free nature. He was moving kind of clumsy, still it was kind of hard to get a good picture. He blent perfect in the colored leaves on the ground with his yellow/orange spots.


Preparing for winter sleep

Before the weather got grey and dark I prepared some of my plants for winter sleep. Finally I was able to put the last plant cuttings I got from Lotte via mail in summer in soil and am very pleased about how fast they grow now.


Last few pictures

Last few pictures of my walks near my hometown. The evening atmosphere was magical. All different colors appeared in the sky.



More green, more fly agarics.



Back from a little break. I was in my hometown, made a lot of walks in the forest, saw so many fly agarics like never before in my life and just enjoyed family & nature and being away from the screen.


Leaves - round 5

Another bunch of leaves.
I wonder if I ever get bored of it :)


False foxtails

I always liked foxtails, but I don't want to have a real one, so I decided to make some of plush for bags, keys or whatever. I think it's a nice autumn/winter accessory. Oh, and I used the banding I got from Lily :)

{will be added to my shop soon}



Since it is so cold, I thought it's time for a new pair of slippers. I'm wearing these kind of house shoes since my very early childhood. My mum used to make me regularly new ones and now I am glad that I can continue making them. They always give me a very cosy feeling of being home. And if I can't find them, I know where I have to look first, namely in Sunny's basket! He loves to steal them :)



I'm sure most of you know Camilla Engman and her sweet dog Morran. She is collecting art for a book full of Morran until end of October. Everyone can participate, so hurry up, it is for a good cause! You can read about it here. This is my drawing and I already can't wait to see all the other artwork!


Strawberry fields forever

Finished another Strawberry rug. It gives me immediately summer feeling back, even though I am quite happy with autumn. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Castle park

Yesterday I was in the park again. For two reasons. First I wanted to make pictures of this beautiful bag that I got from Lily (it was in the package that Sunny inspected in the last blog entry). Lily uses really the most beautiful fabrics! I love cord and the mermaid fabric inside couldn't be any better! Second I wanted to feed the squirrels again, but still they were not very interested, but that doesn't matter, some ravens wanted the nuts instead :) I really love ravens, they are very shy but on the other side extremely curious! I like that combination :)

Inspector Sunny

{music: Big bird in s small cage - Patrick Watson}
{You should listen to the whole song, it's really beautiful!}

Whenever I get a package, this is what happens.
Sunny always wants to inspect it first :)



Weather is grey and cold, perfect for a cup of tea and taking up needlework again. My purple geranium which was in a quite bad condition after my vacation (I had to cut off most of the leaves), is edifying me with new flowers. What a grateful plant. Have a good start into the week!


Leaves - round 4

Some new leaves, some old, but not showed in that way before.
I have 26 different leaf stamps so far.