Cup of threads

(Music: Liquorice Night from Sly Hats)

Made this little movie with the threads of the new rug that I finished yesterday. Will show some pictures of it soon.

Studio Meez

I'm so lucky! Look what I've found in my mailbox - a lovely package from Studio Meez! I so wanted to have one of her bear brooches and because her shop is not open yet, she was so kind to make a swap with me :) I love it! And also her other work! Thank you for all the gifts! You will soon receive something from me too again.


Seeds from Japan

I got mail from dear Coco! I was very curious and look what I found in the package: so many seeds (Cardiospermum, Loquat, Buckwheat and soybeans) and these lovely stamps. If you don't know her by now, have a look at her blog. I am always impressed by all her homemade cooking and lifestyle. On the last picture on the right you can see my Cardiospermum plant where she also gave me the seed. I made a line for it that it can climb higher. Thank you, Coco, I will soon write back!


What a weird summer. I'm freezing!


Living in a jungle

I replanted my cocos palm tree and some other plants and realized that our living room is slowly becoming a jungle.


Watermelon summer

I always enjoy making little prints of my pictures in a small and handy size. These on the table make me realize how much I miss the sea, I still have to wait a little... One of the best things of summer is definitely eating a lot of watermelon and making watermelon shakes. It's my favorite fruit of all, actually I think it is more a vegetable, isn't it?



Today I washed all my vintage undergarment that I have since my childhood now. I remember masquerading with my friend and stepping into another world. ||| I made these tea pot cards and a package for someone special. ||| And sometimes I have to admit that I am a little strange, but only a little bit :) I collect the whiskers of Sunny that I find on the floor and I also keep his baby teeth. I keep it all in this beautiful box I got as a souvenir from Prague some years ago.


Mail from Australia

I got a package from sweet Jessica with such lovely things, all with the spirit of Australia! A cd with music from Australian bands, that I am listening now over and over, dreamtime tea, a card that you have to scratch to see the main picture (that was fun!) and a beautiful tea towel with the australian flora & fauna. I'm spoiled! Thank you! BTW: Did you know that there is a song out there with Jessica's full name? How great is that?!

Shadow play

(Music: Wim • Sibylle Baier)

Yesterday was such a nice shadow play in our living room.
It was a joy to watch the bright circles dancing on the wall.


Seat pads

Here is what I have been working on the last days. Seat pads in the style I usually make my rugs. For a happy butt :) BTW I got myself a cocos palm tree but unfortunately read only bad things about it on the internet. That it is too hard to keep it alive. Well, I hope I can enjoy it at least for some time, it looks so nice...
I first wrote place mats, but now I think it is the wrong word. Actually I don't know how to call it in english, is there someone who knows the right word?


Ocean feeling

Yesterday we were at the old danube again. Weather was hot and very windy, so the water felt a bit like the ocean with the waves. I'm so happy that Sunny enjoys the boat trips and water also so much. I'm a totally water person. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a house like the little yellow one? I would go swimming everyday in the mornings before doing my work :)

Another doily

A new doily that I finished yesterday morning. I also work on something new, wanted to make pictures today, but it is really dark outside, so I will wait for a bit of sun and leave you behind wondering :)



Lotte was so kind to include me in her little experiment! She sent me some cuttings of her plants by post. First they were a bit flat but after putting them in water they developed really fast and today I already can see some tiny roots! So, it was a full success! Thank you, Lotte!


Surprise mail

I got surprise mail from Alicia and her lovely daughter Haizea! On the envelope were two beautiful butterfly stamps and next to seeds and other little treasures I got a drawing from Haizea that is showing myself. Look how sweet that is, she even didn't forget to draw Sunny by my side :) This really makes my heart jump! Thank you!

Hot evening walk

Yesterdays evening walk was hot but funny. Sunny was jumping around like mad and I'm quite happy 'bout that 'cause he gained some weight over the last month and I don't want him to get too thick even though I find thickly little dogs adorable, but it's not healthy so I want him to stay fit :)



It's hot, hot, hot in Vienna! When I woke up and opened the windows I could already smell that it will be a very hot day. I like that smell, it reminds me on being on summer holiday and makes me dreaming of the sea. It will be 36º today. I finished this pink doily and made some more oat milk yesterday. Wish you a good start in the day!


Open for the new

Sometimes it is good to leave the past behind, so I killed 10 of my diaries. Rather I would have burnt them, but that's not so easy in the city, so I drowned them instead in the bath tub until the ink dissolved. Besides my urge to delete the past, I couldn't resist buying this palm tree. On the last picture you can see a card that dear Lisa sent me from her trip to Holland. I just love it and have to look at it over and over :)


3 days on the water

Three days on the lake make the world look much better. Soaking up the sun and swimming naked - what could be better! One time we got caught in a heavy thunderstorm, there was a huge rainbow, but it was raining so much that I could not take out my camera. And this stork flew very close by our boat a few times so I was able to make some nice pictures. I hope your weekend was full of sun, too!