From Lisa

Yesterday a package from dear Lisa arrived. It was such a joy to open it and find all those lovely little surprises in it! Next to tea, tiny paper flags, chocolate and other lovely things, she also sent me a beautiful card drawn by herself that I immediately put on my wall. Even Sunny got a postcard with a swan family from her which made me smile a lot :) Thank you, Lisa!



Some pictures of yesterdays evening walk. I could hardly believe that there are already ripe blackberries to pick! I like it when you can pick something eatable during the walks.


Orange rug

Finished the orange rug that I started about a week ago. It's always such a good feeling to finish something and now I'm looking forward to a nice walk in nature with my bf and Sunny boy :) Have a nice evening!

Printed fabrics

These are the fabrics I printed yesterday.
They are 75 x 100 cm which is about 29,5 x 39,4 inch.


Stop thinking

Weather is acting strange these days, temperatures are changing so fast, it's quite strenuous for the body. Today I printed some more fabrics which was quite time consuming, but also a good way to switch off my head. Sometimes it is the best not to think at all :)



Printed one of my shirts. I dont know yet whether to like it or not. / The new curtain makes a wonderful light. Normally I don't like orange so much, but for curtains I think it is perfect apart from white. I prefere transparent curtains or such with lace that shades nice ornaments over the surrounding.


Fabric prints

Some more fabric pieces printed with my stamps.
I have to say the sun is the greatest artist!



Some of the postcards I made today.

Summer rain

After my breakfast I carved some more stamps and I also had some fun time printing postcards with them. Will show them in the next post. The face should be a self-portrait - thought it might be a funny idea to make a Claudi-stamp :) Later I made a walk with Sunny in the rain, it was really nice 'cause it was warm summer rain. And at the moment I am sewing a curtain for my room. I had one before, but I already got bored of it and want something new. Hope you all enjoy your day! Today it is holiday in Austria.

Stamps and flowers

I made some more stamps. The penguin stamps I made especially for Eva (who loves penguins) to send her with the rug she ordered. I'm glad she likes it all :) Oh, and my nasturtium plant got it's first flower.



A lot of green these days.


Kiwi rug

Kiwi rug is finished but Sunny is still dreaming of bananas...


Evening walk and little surprises

Some pictures of our evening walk. It was very refreshing after all the computer work. And when we came back I found this beautiful card in my mailbox. It's from dear Lisa who is also a big fan of snail mail and postcards. It fits perfect to the walk we had and it looks so invitingly to colour it in :) Thank you, Lisa!


Exotic plants

My father borrowed me a book about how to grow exotic plants and there I read that peanut plants need to be watered a lot. Before that I read the opposite. I'm quite confused, but I watered my plant a little more now and it seems it is doing better. I'm feeling sorry now for my peanut plant that I obviously treated it so wrong. Also I read that avocado pits like it dark until the top of it starts to split and the sprout appears. And I felted the doily. It's always a nice surprise to see the felted version.


Two stamps and one beautiful creature

I made a snail mail stamp yesterday and some time ago a fig leaf stamp, that I haven't showed you yet. Also I added a curry leaf stamp to my shop. On the way to the post office I suddenly saw this moth on the ground, at least I think it is a moth. I have never seen such a beautiful moth before in Austria. Look at the colours, what do you think? I am glad I had my camera with me!



Before camping I planted one of the Cardiospermum seeds that Coco sent me and when I came back again I nearly couldn't believe my eyes, the plant was already 10 cm (4inch) tall and also my Nasturtium got many small new leaves. It seems my plants do better when I am not around, haha! With the salad I have no luck, tried it twice. In the beginning all seems fine and after a while they just stop growing somehow. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I also had no luck with the turkish poppy. In the evening I made another felt doily, this time in green with another pattern. I am also thinking of making doily rugs....