Even tough I love calm colours and white rooms, I often pick red (in all its variations) when it comes to clothes, wool and other useful things. It seems it is the colour I need the most. Which colour do you pick most of the time?


eva vercauteren said...

It depends. For clothing bright colours, but I often just pick blue or green. For crafting mostly calmer colours. Red is actually the colour I pick least of all.

coco said...

I like red too. It makes me feel warm and cozy and also gives me energy. I wonder what you are making.

Somliga dagar said...

I have to say that I never pick red. :-) Most of the time I choose kind of earthy soft calm colours.

Lena said...

Hi. Ist das etwa die erste Erdbeere von deinem Pflänzchen? Ich nehm meistens dunkel blau oder weiß und schwarz bei meiner Kleidung ( auch wenn die letzten beiden offiziell keine Farben sind;-) ) meine mutter hat sich schon mal nen Spaß draus gemacht bei schoppen mir immer alles in rot unter die Nase zu halten. Unser Lieblingsspruch daher " Guck mal. Gibts auch in rot"
Viele Grüße aus der Ferne

Lisa said...

Yes, red is good!

I mostly wear a lot of bright colours, not just one. I think I pick them by how I feel. When I'm happy I wear so many colours but when I'm in a bad mood I prefer dark clothes. It's strange that I associate colours with feelings. It also depends on the weather: sun = colour!


[s.n.] said...

rot ist ja auch eine ganz wunderbare farbe! lieb sie auch sehr! :)

liebe grüße,

Hermine - Journal de jours said...

Mine is blue. Always go back to that colour.

Alicia said...

for dress, black, earth tones like brown and green onesl, and a little red too (my favourite T-shirt is a red one).