I ♥ stamps

I've collected stamps all my life and I still do. For me every stamp is like a tiny artwork and looking trough my stamp album is like a museum tour. Mostly I like motifs of nature like flowers, plants, stones and animals. Here you can see a part of my collection. The last one even has little crystals attached, how amazing is that!?


[s.n.] said...

auf so glitzi-sachen steh ich eigtl gar net so, aber die swarovski-briefmarken sehen ja genial aus! :)
hast du auch die falco-briefmarken? :D

liebe grüße,

eva vercauteren said...

I used to collect a lot, but ever since I started studying and moved - I stopped. I found my books again a while ago and wanted to start again. But I hardly send letters anymore, so I hardly receive stamps.

But you make me want to collect them again!
If you want then I'll go check out my books again when I get home (not so soon though) and send you my doubles?

wide-eyed said...

@sarah: Nein, ich glaub die hab ich nicht, aber wer weiss, vielleicht treib ich sie noch wo auf :)

@eva: I sent you a mail. I would love to swap some stamps with you :)

coco said...

those flowers and deer stamps are so nice. I used to collect stams too but has given away.
I will keep in mind that you like flower one!

Mia said...

Do you have any Swedish stamps? I have a feeling that there is a hole bunch of stamps from a neglected collection up on the attic. I can go up there and have a look for some Swedish flowers if you like.

Alicia said...

lovely ones! My father used to collect them long time ago :)

wide-eyed said...

@Mia: that would ne awesome! Stamps from other countries are even more special :)

@Alicia: My grandfather used to collect also and my father also :)

Lena said...

Wir hatten letztens eine briefmarke, die nach erdbeeren geduftet hat :-. Viel Erfolg beim weitersammeln. Übrigens bin ich bald in afrika, falls du mal ein briefchen von da möchtest, sag Bescheid.
PS: ja die Umarmung ist angekommen. Danke :-)

Hermine - Journal de jours said...

What a lovely collection you have !