Busy Monday

I have a very busy day, nevertheless I want to share some pictures with you.
• Another beautiful pink flower of my strawberry plant.
• Today's lunch.
• A smaller version of my curry leaf stamp.
• "Counting sheep" cards for my shop.
Hope your start into the new week is good so far!


Lena said...

Hi, noch mal danke für die zugeschickte Umarmung, auch wenn blogger sie gelöscht hat. Ich hoffe das deine Erdbeerchen bald gannz lecker sind, und nicht nur so schöne Blüten haben. Apropos lecker, dein Lunch sieht echt toll aus. Und nun noch zu den Schäfchen. Die zähl ich bestimmt das nächste Mal wenn ich nicht schlafen kann ;-).
Liebste Grüße

eva vercauteren said...

All my strawberryflowers have lost their leaves, so I hope to get more strawberries soon. It's so nice that your flowers are pink!

Your lunch looks delicious! Is that cucumber on the second plate?

wide-eyed said...

@Eva: Yes, it's cucumber. Finally they taste like something again, I generally don't like vegetables that you get in winter in the shops, they taste so different than in spring and summer. I'm happy that winter is over now and food is really fresh again.