Breakfast for one

I thought it's time to use my granny square blanket again. If I can't crochet at the moment then I want to look at some needlework at least ;) And I had a wonderful breakfast. Alone but not lonely. Actually I am never alone, Sunny is always with me :)


kristina said...

Oh, dein Fr├╝hst├╝ckstisch sieht sehr nett aus!

eva vercauteren said...

You put it so nicely, that you're never alone because you have your lovely dog. That's what I feel from time to time, because my cats aren't around me (yet). I'm looking forward to the day I move and I can take them with me.

Such a lovely breakfast!

studio meez said...

Looks like a delicious breakfast. Your granny square blanket is so beautiful! I like the colors.

coco said...

you are lucky to have sunny with you.
That blanket is so cozy, unique looking, very nice one.
Thank you for all your lovely messages, it is nice to see it when I get home from work each day.
How is your hands? give it a time and enjoy resting at the moment.

sunkentreasure said...

these are such lovely pics!
and your blanket looks cute
have a good week!

Sanne said...

it looks like a delicious breakfast!!