something different

I had a lot of fun making these dried flower collages.
{klick on the images to see them bigger}


fox notepads

Are you writing lists? I always do - it really helps me organizing my daily tasks.

We are having grey and rainy weather since some time now, I hope for some sunshine, to be able to enjoy autumn outside more and work further in the garden.

Have a lovely day wherever you are right now!


magical woods

Magical light in the woods
Horsetail is one of my favorite plant, it truly looks like a tiny version of conifers.
I still feel not ready for winter somehow, but it won't wait for me I guess.
Did you find some edible mushrooms yet?



I finished this one in April, but never made a proper picture of it.
Still love the pastel colors!


september snail mail

I know it's been such a long time since I last posted my incoming mail. I took a long break from writing letters this year. But last month I made pictures again from all the lovely cards and little packages I received and I want to share them with you again, so here we go:
Pretty postcards from Sandra, Lily and my sister!

Two letters from Lily, she was so kind to send me some feathers for my collection!
And look at this pretty card, it is filled with seeds!

These treasures I got from Katyha and I'm so glad they survived the long journey from Australia, I am sure you will see them more often on future pictures :)

Lotte was so kind to send me some new plant cuttings and a pretty baby birth announcement card from her sweet daughter Elise.

Thank you all!


garden update

So lovely how the colors are slowly changing. I'm working a lot in the garden right now to prepare everything for winter, but there is still a lot to harvest. I have many butternut squashes this year and so many zucchinis from only two plants, they are still producing, same with the strawberries. It's so nice to be able to eat fresh strawberries all summer long until late fall!



I was totally surprised how lovely the pictures from a cheap disposable underwater camera, that I got myself short before our vacation, turned out! Especially the warm and soothing colors!


Croatia part 3

Meanwhile it's getting pretty cold here in Austria, the days are quite nice, but the nights get really chilly. We started to heat our tiled stove and I'm working a lot in the garden.
When I look at those pictures it seems already so long ago. But I can still feel the Croatian sun on my skin. Have a good start into the new season!



On our vacation we also visited Pula and it's amphitheater. I'm never a typical tourist. I just let myself going with the flow of feelings and moods where ever I go. So I also never make plans anymore before a trip. It will unfold itself anyway. I once went with a friend all the way to Paris, just to decide after 5 minutes being there to not stay as we originally had planned and we went further to Portugal. It just felt right in that moment. Although Paris is a beautiful city, undoubtedly.


Croatia part 1

Beautiful natural colors everywhere on our vacation in Croatia.