*water and winds

On our 10 year anniversary we made a trip to the Burgenland (the easternmost state of Austria). I haven't seen that area around the Lake Neusiedl at this season before, it looked like a vast lonely desert landscape – the natural tones, so soft for the eyes!



We live quite near to the Austrian-Czech border, so we finally made a little day trip to the beautiful old town of Znojmo at the end of February. Because we went there during the week, it was pleasantly quiet.
Yesterday we worked to protect our young trees from the roebucks that are roaming around in our garden at night. Let's see it if works! They have destroyed quite a bit, especially the peach trees. I am looking forward to the day where I can pick the first homegrown peach! This will be magical!
Have a good week!



I turned 36 a few days ago. 
We went to a river to look for snow drops.
The landscape looks still quite bizarre, especially when the sun shines and the withered meadows, tamed by the many frosts and snow blankets, appear like long forgotten deserts.
But soon everything will change so quickly and one can not get enough from all the fresh greens, the flowers and spring air fragrances.


*key moment

Key moment
in the woods.


*white grasses

Not spring yet.
Nature has time.



The older one gets
the more one comes to resemble oneself.

{Maurice Chevalier}

Je älter man wird,
desto ähnlicher wird man sich selbst.



Gloomy days with flock of crows.


*agate in the snow

We got a new load of snow over night. 
This years winter is amazing. I just hope, that our garden plants don't suffer too much,
especially our cherry laurel hedge. It grew so diligently since we planted it in 2013.
Have a good start into February!



You begin where the expression with words ends.


*knit knit

Started this simple scarf with wool leftovers.