*a crystal sun

When the sun looks like a moon. 



In between some snowless days. The colors – so soothing – and the warmer wind brought overtones of springtime with it. Even some spring birds were hearable and it made me aware again what a wonderful creation the four seasons are.
Have a nice Sunday!


*inspiring books

My sister gifted me this fabulous book with inspiring pictures, instructions, recipes and ideas for every season of the year. The author is Anna Carlile and there is also an English version available if you are interested!
Have a nice day!



As thou hast created me out of mingled air and glitter,
I thank thee for it.

{Friedrich Rückert}

Wie aus Duft und Glanz gemischt Du mich schufst,
Dir dank' ich's heut.



I'm really happy with this years winter! That it is not only wet and dark, that we have some snow instead and days where all is covered with frost. It's like experiencing the whole landscape anew.
I had my sister here for some days, I'm very grateful that I did not have to grow up as an only child!



Hello 2017!
Wondering what this new year will bring!
I'm happy with the low temperatures - right now it is gently snowing.
Did you make any New Years resolutions?
I am a fan of new beginnings, so I always like the idea of seeing the new year as a fresh start.
I used this opportunity to start a new journal to write down ideas, plans and thoughts and to keep track about certain things. Anyway, I hope you are all fine and I also wanted to thank everybody who sent me a Christmas card this year! I appreciate it a lot!


the tree

Before I am heading back to bed (got fever over night)
I wanted to show you our lovely tree
and wish you a wonderful Christmas!!!


winter tones

We have snow since four days now -
in between it also rained but it stayed cold, so our surrounding transformed
into a surreal looking ice garden. It definitely helps getting into Christmas spirit!

The downside of analogue photography surely is, that I can never show current pictures,
so these are from the beginning of the month.

Our Christmas tree is also finally decorated, Christmas cookies are baked, I only need to finish packing the last gifts, then I feel ready for the holidays! I have to say this December really went by in a crazy speed!


The last apple

The last apple was a red one.



and I finally repotted these two pileas.